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Metal Flake Epoxy

Get the look of granite or simply add a touch of elegance to any room with the use of metal flake epoxy resin. You can use real mineral flakes that offer brilliant shine and translucent beauty to transform your living space into something spectacular. You can add an epoxy floor that is as durable as it is contemporary in looks. It’s an extra touch you can do during a remodel that makes the difference in final results. Expand your design horizons with both commercial and residential properties.

What Is Metal Flake Epoxy?

Metal flakes for epoxy are translucent small, thin flakes of mineral compounds that are naturally formed. When added to epoxy resin, it can create the appearance of natural stone with added shimmer and shine. It’s a product that will stand up to the test of time. The beauty from day one will remain for the lifetime of the floor.

As with any type of flake aggregate added to epoxy, you need to determine how much you need to cover the area to be coated. It will depend on the level of metal coloration you want on your finished surface. Always purchase a more than what you feel you need to make sure you have enough. You will not have time to run out and get more once you start the project.

Metal Flake Epoxy Applications

Metal flake epoxy application is a great idea for many types of surfaces and hobby crafts. A few of the areas you can use this type of surface coating are:

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  • Office space
  • Retail space
  • Garages on man caves
  • Foyer and entryways
  • Den or family room floors
  • Kitchen or bathroom counters
  • Outdoor living space surfaces
  • Florida room or sunroom flooring

How to Use Metal Flakes In Epoxy

The method of applying the metal flake aggregate to epoxy resin will determine the overall results. You can closely mimic the look of marble or granite in the way you add the flakes. Granite will have deeper, more splotchy coverage. You will add the flakes heavily in some areas and lighter in others. Marble has more defined lines of color. All you have to do is add the metal flakes in jagged lines that replicate the design of marble.

You can create an overall luster by spreading the coverage out to the entire surface. Every surface you cover will have a custom look. The bright shine of the metal flakes will look amazing whether it’s night or day.

Design Ideas for Metal Flake Epoxy

Here are a few design ideas for metal flake epoxy:

  • Coat an ornate frame and place a mirror inside. Hang it in a visible spot for a truly elegant look.
  • Coat the master bathroom floor and counters in matching metal flake epoxy color.
  • Create a cover for your fireplace mantle out of a pre measured board and coat the surface with the metal flake epoxy.
  • Cover the shelves in your den or kitchen with the epoxy for a stylish look.

Metal Flake Epoxy FAQs

Does metal flake epoxy resin require color pigment?
You do not have to add any color pigment to the metal flake epoxy. You can add a bottom coat of paint that will serve as a base color.

Will metal flake epoxy crack or peel?
Metal flake epoxy is a product that will last for many years without any fear of cracking or serious damage. The epoxy hardens quickly and stays together without peeling or chaffing.

Will there be any sharp metal flakes sticking out of the surface of the resin?
The mineral flakes used are so small and thin that there is no danger of scratches or cuts. The flakes will generally be absorbed into the epoxy unless you super pack the surface. If that is the case apply a new top coat.

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