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Zano® and Zano® Plus are safe UV filters tested to cause no irritation and sensitization, which are very mild on the skin, and non photoallergic. Zano® combines all other skin benefits of zinc oxide, such as anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and skin healing properties. Zinc oxide is the most efficient way to deliver zinc into the skin where it plays a vital role in many enzymatic processes, including collagen formation. All of these benefits, combined with optimum UV protection, makes Zano® very suitable for a wide range of application and uses:

  • Medium to high SPF recreational sunscreens
  • Low to medium SPF daily skin care and anti-aging
  • Multi functional products, such as tinted moisturizers, BB and CC creams
  • Pressed and loose powders


The Zano® portfolio consists of three types of zinc oxide powders, each designed to offer specific performance properties. No matter what a formulator is looking for, there is a Zano® solution for all specific requirements of SPF, UVA and transparency.

Each Zano® product is available in both an uncoated pure form and a triethoxycaprylylsilane surface treated version. Our products are manufactured and tested in compliance with GMP Part II / ICH Q7 requirements, and are Ecocert and Cosmos approved.

  • Zano® 10 & Zano® 10 Plus

    Offering the best balance between high broad-band UV protection and transparency

  • Zano® 20 & Zano® 20 Plus

    Offering the highest levels of transparency

  • Zano® M & Zano® M Plus

    Offering the highest levels of UVA protection

  • Xperse®

    Various dispersions of Zano® and Zano® Plus powders including also Zano® dispersions with TiO2 ultrafine powder