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The Pure Cinch Bag protects your gear from germs & odors – and protects the planet from single-use plastic bags.

From fitness to travel, the Pure Cinch Bag is ideal for personal items like sweaty clothes, dirty shoes, swimsuits and laundry.  Replaces single-use plastic bags.  Re-Use – simply toss in laundry and use over and over.

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The MINI Cinch Bag

Good for You. Good for the Planet.

Sustainable, Antimicrobial and Versatile!

Smart protection for face masks, sunglasses or a smartphone.  This 6 x 8” silver-ion technology bag will protect these items from germs and keep them fresh and odor-free. Simply toss into your bag and go! Wash, dry and reuse over and over.  Eliminates need for single-use plastics.caopeng免费caopeng免费,2017亚洲 ∨天堂光棍2017亚洲 ∨天堂光棍,久久精品国产在热亚洲,久99热只有频精品,久久精品国产只有精品久久精品国产在热亚洲,久99热只有频精品,久久精品国产只有精品

Great for school, work and everyday.

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